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Koppelkoers Alkmaar 9

Gepubliceerd op 22 juli 2014 om 14:54

In the 9th, and for me last race of this season's Koppelkoers Alkmaar series, I didn't have a partner up until the very last moment when another rider of my team, Richard Konijn, found out his partner could not race that day. We decided to team up together, which worked out quite ok.

In the first scratch race I tried to come round the outside for the final sprint, but had to use the emergency breaks (which is not easy on a track bike) to avoid crashing into a group of riders that decided they didn't want to sprint and moved up to the outside of the track. This took away my chances of getting a good result, but luckily Richard was well psoitioned and scored the points for us. In the next points race I tried to go for an attack just before 1 of the intermediate sprints. Unfortunately I got caught half a lap before the sprint, and because the front riders would not slow down after the sprint I could not follow the first group and Richard was with me in the 2nd group. This means we did not get a good result here, but at least I tried. In the leaders race, which was the final individual event of the day, 1 rider kept riding in 1st position for a very long time while a team mate was protecting his wheel. I decided to do 1 sprint to get a point and then drop back to the last position. This put me in front of all the riders that didn't score any points and because only a few riders did, we had quite a good result in this race. In the final madison, Richard had some difficulties toward the end of his turns and when the strong teams attacked that meant he had to let go. Fortunately I was very strong and there was another team that had a strong and a weak rider. I told Richard to skip a turn so I could ride together with the strong rider of that team, and together we managed to get back to the back of the field. We did this a couple of times, until in the end there was no chasing back any more. But our strong tactic to work together with the other team and our fighting spirit saved us many laps and a couple of positions, and kept us inside the top 10 overall.

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