Ronde van de Kerspelen

Gepubliceerd op 22 juli 2014 om 15:30

Today in Ronde van de Kerspelen, I was confident before the start that my legs would be better than they have been in the last couple of weeks because I had been feeling good in training as well.

Unfortunately, in the race it was just the same as in the last couple of races where I was unable to give just that bit extra on the important moments. Today that meant I was behind a small split in the cross winds, and could not close the gap even though it was only 10 meters. It is very frustrating that specially on my normally strongest point, I am now unable to stay with the main peloton so I can not even finish my races. I'm working hard with the staff of my team to find out how to change this situation and get back to my normal level again.

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