Comeback of short duration

Gepubliceerd op 5 augustus 2014 om 12:44

In the last 2 days, I started 2 races after my crash 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, I noticed I was not recovered from my injuries and have to be more patient.

On Sunday, I rode in Oostzaan. The race got off to a very fast start but and from the beginning I had some problems to hold on to the back because the left side of my body was still not functioning the way it should. When some riders in front of me had to drop out, I was unable to close the gaps and dropped out of the race as well.


On Monday, I wanted to try again in Roosendaal which is always special for me. From the start I noticed that again my left side was not contributing to my power output, but because the circuit was so technical I could compensate with my good bike handling skills. Because of this, I managed to stay with the peloton until I got a flat tire and didn't have a spare wheel. That ment my race was over.


But as I was only racing on 1 leg in both of the races, I will also have to decide to cancel all races in the upcoming period. I do not know when I will be able to race again, but I don't expect to do many road races for the rest of this year and plan to start preparing for the track season instead.

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