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It's been a while since I last wrote an update, but here it is. I've bee rather busy with various kinds of things. I've done some track races, but apart from that I'm alos working hard to start up my own business. Here you can read all about that.

I will start with the track races I've been doing lately. In general I can say that I'm gradually making progress, although that progress is not as fast as I would have hoped. With my current level I find myself able to stay with the top riders on most days, but I'm hardly ever able to actually make a big impact on how the races will evolve and notice that specially in the sprints the top track riders are much better than I am. So this is something to work on. Still, I have made up a lot of ground since last year and I will continue to work hard to fully close the gap to the top track riders in Holland.


Then there's some more very exciting news, as I have officially started my own business Tornado-Wheels! Although the business is just starting and the website isn't completely finished yet, you can already find some info there. I will be building road and track racing wheels with deep carbonfiber rims and sell them from my own webshop. But apart from the wheels in the webshop, you will also be able to buy wheels specially made for you, with your own color scheme matching your bike or team kit. I have just ordered the first set of hubs and rims, but it might take some time before they actually arrive so I don't have any wheels yet. As soon as the first set of wheels is finished, I will be using them in both racing and training on road and track. Of course I will keep you informed on that over here as well.


I will try to write updates more frequently here, specially as I expect to have some more big news coming up soon. So please keep checking back for more info!

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