First tandem race with Roel

Gepubliceerd op 16 maart 2015 om 16:40

On saturday Roel and I did our first ever tandem race together. It was also Roel's first ever track race, so there was some reason to be nervous. We knew we were both physically in good shape though, so we were confident we could set a good result anyway.

We had to do 2 races. First a 1 km TT, followed by a 4 km pursuit race. Our 1 km TT didn't start very well. Because there was a delay in the staryting machine, our rear wheel was still blocked when we wanted to start. We managed to hold back just in time to avoid heavy damage to both the tandem and the starting machine, but when we got released half a second later we had lost all momentum from our starting movement and the peak power of our first pedal stroke. For this reason, it took almost 2 laps to get up to speed. Still we almost managed to catch our opponents that started at the opposite side of the track. Given the situation, our time of 1.12.840 wasn't bad at all, but it was just 0.3 seconds off the win so obviously Roel and I were a bit disappointed by that, given what had happened during our start and the amount of time we have lost there. Still a 2nd place was not bad for our racing debut.


In the 4 km pursuit race, we did have a good start and managed to get up to speed really fast. After that, Roel got a bit overexcited and went flat out from the start. We managed to pass our opponents starting from the opposite side of the track really fast, but after that Roel couldn't keep up the same amount of power anymore. At first I tried to compensate that, but obivously I coldn't keep that up either so at the end of the race our lap times were about 2.5 seconds per lap slower than they were at the start of the race. Our eventual time of 5.05.350 was not as fast as we had hoped for on beforehand, but it was still good enough for 3rd place and our 2nd podium finish of the day.

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