Ronde van Woensdrecht

Gepubliceerd op 16 maart 2015 om 18:58

After a long track season, I wanted to do one road race before taking a period of rest and preparation for the road season really to begin. I chose Ronde van Woensdrecht with the famous climb of Rijsende weg for this occasion.

Unfortunately I had to start entirely at the back of the peloton, which is a really big disadvantage on this circuit. For a rider like me, who is strong enough but doesn't like to push other riders away and make risky manouvres to outbrake other riders before the corners, there was only the short climb to move up. Every time we tackled the climb of the Rijzende Weg I managed to pass many riders, but unfortunately I kept losing those places to riders who did do those risky manouvres in the corners, just to find themselves unable to hold the wheel afterwards leaving me with a gap to close. Halfway through the race I was unable to keep this up and had to let go of the peloton. This was also the end of my race, and the start of my off season. I will get back to racing in late April. Until that time I will first take some rest and support my team mates from SAAM Cyclingteam in the world paracycling championships before I will start to rebeuild my road form. I have yet to decide on my racing program for the road season, but the first main goal of the season will be the Tour of Belgium for tandem riders from May 14th to May 17th.

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