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Regional track championships

Gepubliceerd op 22 juli 2014 om 15:02

In the regionl track championships, which was an omnium including a leaders race, points race, scratch race and elemination race, our team had a very big and strong line up in all cathegories and eventually walked off with several podiom finishes including an overall win. I raced in the elite cathegory together with Nick and we both rode very well, but I was not very lucky so I didn't get a good overall result.

In the leaders race I was a bit unlucky to miss out on the first group that rode away because I had to avoid a bad move fom another rider. I did try to chase on my own but just could not make it and eventually dropped back in the 2nd group and didn't have anything left for the final sprint in that group. In the points race I was very active at the front but unfortunately didn't score any points. In the scratch race Nick took off solo and rode half the race on his own in front of the peloton. I tried to slow the peloton down a bit but that was not enough for him to get the lap. Then when some riders had enough of the slow tempo I could not respond fast enough and got out of position for the final sprint where they overtook Nick as well. In the elemination race I was positioned at the front, but got forced on the inside an locked in. Even though I was not really at the back yet, I was out of the race quit early when on one of the sprints for the line my rear wheel was last for just abrief second.

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