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Velodrome op Zondag

Gepubliceerd op 22 juli 2014 om 15:04

Although I could not clasify for the general classification any more, I did decide to participate in the final race of the Velodrome op Zondag series on the track in Amsterdam as an alternative for the DTS Wintercompetitie.

We started off with a points race, and I attacked after the first sprint with a small group. This helped me to score some points and get a good position in this race. The 2nd race was an elemination, and I decided to keep riding in the front for as long as possible. This gave me quit a good result as well. After this we did a scratch race. I attacked one time but got caught again. A bit later I was in the back of the field when there was a split because one rider got too low in the corner and almost crashed. Fortunately he stayed upricht, but there was no chasing back. I did win the sprint of the 2nd group, but the group in front was quit big. In the final event, a leaders race, I was positioned near the front but never got to the top 2 positions to score points so I decided to do a sprint to score a point and then dropped back which still got me in a good position in this event as well. Unfortunately I do not know the final positions of my races or the total result of the day. Hopefully I can find them somewhere later.

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