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Kampioenschap van Uithoorn

Gepubliceerd op 22 juli 2014 om 15:12

After a few weeks without racing, although not entirely planned that way, I was keen to get back to racing in the local championship Kampioenschap van Uithoorn. I was also curious to see how the hard work in training of the past few weeks had worked out, and if I was able to carry my track form into the road season.

To make the test a bit harder for me, I decided to ride my bike to the start of the race. I do that more often, but this time I had to face a 75 km headwind ride before the race even tarted. Perfecly warmed up for the race I lined up entirely at the bac of the surprisingly big field, and because the race was on from the gun that made the opening few laps a bit hard for me. But eventually I managed to get to the front of the peloton and started to join some of the many attacks. After a while 2 separate groups of 6 riders managed to take off and gain a lap on the field. I managed to get in one of those groups, but I must admit I was glad we got to the back of the pelotonjust in time before I would have to let go of the pace in this group as we were riding very fast. From that moment on things would stay together until the final when only the riders in the lead groups were still allowed on the circuit. In the final there were several attacks, and I managed to get away solo for a moment as well but it wasn't to be and eventually it ended up in a sprint. In this sprint an 8th place was the best possible result for me, also because there wasn't much of a sprint left in my tired legs. In the end I was positively surprised by my ride and the result, so I had something to be happy about during my 75 km ride back home.

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