Ronde van Waddinxveen

Gepubliceerd op 22 juli 2014 om 15:24

After managing to just hang on in Hengelo, I went to Waddinxveen knowing that this new lap would be a lot harder and the field a lot stronger. So I knew in advance I was in for a difficult task, but as I now had a full race in the legs since my injury I also expected to be stronger myself than I was 2 days before.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case and because it was flat out racing from the start I was also in difficulty right from the start. I just managed to hang on to the wheel in front of me, but many riders were dropping out and when that happened right in front of me I didn't have the power in my legs to close that gap, something I'm usually very good at. For this reason, I was left behind and had to abandon the race. The worst part of that is missing out on a lot of race km that I need so badly to get back in shape. Right now it is up to me to work very hard in training to get my peak power up to a decent level again so I can be competative in the races like I was at the end of last season. This will take a lot of work and a lot of time, but I'm up for that challenge!

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