Ronde van Borne

Gepubliceerd op 1 september 2014 om 13:08

Last Thursday I raced in Borne, where they had a comletely different circuit than the years before. The circuit was now completely cobbled, but the corners were a bit easier. Although I liked the old circuit a bit better, the new circuit is nice as well and because we were racing straight thrue the shopping mall, the atmosphere was great with many enthousiastic spectators.

Because I had also won a local club race 2 days before, my confidence was high and I knew my form was good. So all the ingredients for a great race were there. Unfortunately, I had to start pretty far from the back after bib nubers would decide starting position and because I had some problems to clip in my pedals I went last through the first corner. From there on, I managed to move up pretty well but it was not easy on this circuit and it took me quit a while. By the time I got to the front, the breakaway was already gone. Also, right when I got to the front it started raining and the road surface got very slippary. I was a bit overcautious which caused me to drop back to the rear end of the peloton again. After the road dried up again, I was able to move back up to the front but in the hectic final with some riders making very dangerous moves, I decided not to risk anything and didn't contest the sprint in the peloton for minor placings. Still I did finish in 28th position, and again got the confirmation that the legs are good and top shape is coming up.

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