Start of the track season

Gepubliceerd op 21 oktober 2014 om 20:27

After an unsuccessful road season, with many injuries and a lot of tough luck, it is now time to switch from road to track. Because of all the injuries I have had, my fitness level is not where I wanted it to be yet. Still I started my track season this weekend, and will continue to build from where I am now.

My first track endurance race of the new season was the first heat of the 3banentoernooi. The field of riders was a lot stronger than I expected, which made for fun but very har racing. We started off with a scratch race. During the race, I found my gear was too big so I had difficulties to follow the many accellerations in the group. In the end I managed to close all the gaps as well, but couldn't get involved with the racing in the front of the field and finished near the back of the group of riders still in the same lap as the leaders. After the scratch race, I asked advise from track trainer Herman Schenk about what gear to use. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to change the front chain ring before the next race, but I could change my rear wheel to get a smaller gear. Obviously, now my gear was way too small for the elimination race. Also I couldn't get in a good position, and I was the first rider to be eliminated. Before the final points race, I did have just enough time to change to the gear as advised by Herman, but because of the work I had to do on my bike, I didn't have time to warm up or prepare properly. The combination of not being in top shape, changing gears 3 times in such a short time and not getting the warm-up I needed put me in the back of the field during the entire points race. I even got behind a split halfway through the race and for a moment I was half a lap down to the leaders, but I managed to chase back with everything I had. I didn't manage to score any points, and again finished as one of the last riders still in the same lap as the leaders. But at least I managed to hang on and finished all my races without getting lapped, which is already quit an achievement for me in such a strong field. I had hoped for more than this, but with my current form that was not possible against these strong opponents. I will continue to work hard and hope to improve from here, because there are many more races to come this winter.

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