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Ronde van Zuid-Holland

Gepubliceerd op 22 juli 2014 om 15:21

A strong cross/tail wind made for a very fast start in the race formerly known as Witte Kruis Classic, but which is now named Ronde van Zuid-Holland.

This fast start in the cross winds also caused the peloton to split into many echelons on several occasions. Unfortunately I was too far to the back to get in one of the groups at the front of the race, and although I had very strong legs and managed to catch up with many smaller groups I never made it back to the front again. After 110 km of racing in just over 2 hours I had to stop the race because I was too far back to keep the roads closed. This unfortunately ment I couldn't finish the race. But on a more positive note, I have been racing flat out for 80 km in a group with Malaya van Ruitenbeek, which I hope to do more often this season in a different situation as we are both very good criterium specialists. With the criterium season starting next week in Woensdrecht, I think I'm on the best form I have ever had this early in the season. On Sunday, the day after the Ronde van Zuid-Holland, I confirmed my good form with a 2nd place in a local race after placing many attacks and eventually winning the bunch sprint for 2nd place after controling the peloton behind one rider that had escaped. I also did a lead out for my team mate Richard Konijn in the 40+ masters cathegory, that had to sprint a few laps before the elite riders did, which helped him to take the win in his race. These are all good signs that let me start the criterium season with a lot of confidence that I can get ome good results there.

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