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Ronde van Zuid-Holland

A strong cross/tail wind made for a very fast start in the race formerly known as Witte Kruis Classic, but which is now named Ronde van Zuid-Holland.

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Ronde van Groningen

At the very last moment I received a phone call from my team that I was supposed to ride Ronde van Groningen to replace Wouter Moll who had signed a pro contract at the very last moment and wasn't allowed to take the start in this race any more. This meant I could only get a few hours of sleep to get everything prepared to be able to at least take the start, while I had been doing too much training in the past couple of days to reach peak fitness on race day. Yet I was motivated to make the most of it.

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Kampioenschap van Uithoorn

After a few weeks without racing, although not entirely planned that way, I was keen to get back to racing in the local championship Kampioenschap van Uithoorn. I was also curious to see how the hard work in training of the past few weeks had worked out, and if I was able to carry my track form into the road season.

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Velodrome op Zondag

Although I could not clasify for the general classification any more, I did decide to participate in the final race of the Velodrome op Zondag series on the track in Amsterdam as an alternative for the DTS Wintercompetitie.

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Regional track championships

In the regionl track championships, which was an omnium including a leaders race, points race, scratch race and elemination race, our team had a very big and strong line up in all cathegories and eventually walked off with several podiom finishes including an overall win. I raced in the elite cathegory together with Nick and we both rode very well, but I was not very lucky so I didn't get a good overall result.

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DTS Wintercompetitie

Unlike last week, I did not really enjoy the 2nd race of the DTS Wintercompetitie. The pro riders were not there, but the track was still slippary.

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Koppelkoers Alkmaar 9

In the 9th, and for me last race of this season's Koppelkoers Alkmaar series, I didn't have a partner up until the very last moment when another rider of my team, Richard Konijn, found out his partner could not race that day. We decided to team up together, which worked out quite ok.

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